For part two of our employee interviews, we are introducing the COO of SaxMS: Johannes Gsuck. His longstanding professional experience in the fields of consulting, process design and optimization for the digitalization of planning challenges brings great value to the company.


first name: Johannes

age: 37

job title: COO

skills: customer focused consulting, certificated project management skills, broad knowledge about processes in the field of digitalization of planning challenges

hobbies: hiking, tennis, bike ball
Since April 2020, Johannes is part of the management of SaxMS. He now implements his experience in business and IT in various areas of the company.
What are your tasks in the company?
As part of the management, my main focus is on organizational, strategic and operative subjects. Within the operative part of the company, I am responsible for the development planning within projects for our customers. In the course of that, I represent the intersection between our developers and customers. I act as a consultant as well as a part-time project manager.

Furthermore, I am the team manager of our testing team, which task it is to test our software regularly in order to ensure a certain level of quality. Since december 2020 I am responsible for setting up and coordinating our new marketing team.

What do you like most about your job at SaxMS?
The tasks are highly diverse and varied. Everyone has the opportunity to help shape processes, which is additionally supported by fast descision-making processes. This makes it possible to reach goals in a short amount of time and to learn new things – which I like a lot.
What was your favourite experience at SaxMS?
Something that is a very positive memory of mine is my quick integration into the team and company. Another highlight for me is the BBQ party we organized last year. Aside from the Covid-19 situation, our company offers many events that bring us closer together as a team. Additionally, the positive feedback I receive for my work is something very nice for me.
What are your hobbies? How do you spend your freetime?
In my freetime I go hiking, play tennis and bike ball. Doing sports helps me to clear my head and to relax.
Describe SaxMS in three words:
Young, fast and inspiring!