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Our Solution

SaxMS RAIL is a software solution for rail transportation and offers a comprehensive system for the holistic management, planning and control of complex rail processes. It supports decision-making processes across all phases of planning and allows long-term, medium-term and operational resource planning to be carried out.

Orders, invoices, plans, rotations, tours, employees, locomotives and train paths are mapped holistically. All important data and documents can be conveniently managed.

Logistics Planning (Locomotives and Wagons)

Dispatching the logistics for locomotives and wagons. Exchange between locomotives and wagons to be transferred and locomotive logistics. Working with operating points according to Ril 100, transfers, empty runs or track occupancy planning. Extensive planning boards with map function. Locomotive combinations, track suitability and other requirements for journeys. Feedback of work performance as actual.

Data Management

Management of all master data for employees, locomotives, wagons and cars. Qualification management of all resources with expiration dates and automated notifications. Route knowledge, knowledge of model series and company medical fitness.

Personnel Planning

Schedule your TFs, wagon inspectors and shunting attendants as teams or working groups. Comprehensive qualification management, e.g. for work qualifications, series knowledge, route knowledge, company medical fitness or others. Vacations and any absences. Feedback on work performance as actual in relation to scheduling.

Order Management

Management of orders in an order database with extensive functions. Automatic reading of order slips. Quick and convenient creation of orders in the planning boards. Customer platform possible, via which your customers can place and negotiate orders with your purchasing department/dispatcher.

Car / Fleet Management

Scheduling of the vehicle fleet for workers and teams of workers. Number of seats, regular drivers and numerous planning details.

Integrated Mail Client

The integrated e-mail inbox enables dispatchers to communicate directly from the program via e-mail. For example, orders can be received and transferred directly into the system, employees can be provided with duty rosters or external logistics service providers can be commissioned.

ECM / Maintenance / Fleet Management

Simple identification of planned maintenance intervals/deadlines/revisions and even full fleet management is possible. Machines and spare parts can also be comprehensively managed. It is equally possible to plan entire workshops with track assignments and employee management.

Document Management

Manage all documents conveniently. Create construction files with a predefined directory structure. Storage of e.g. qualification documents assigned to the respective resources. Mobile app for viewing documents in use. Comprehensive authorization concept. Interfaces to existing DMS possible.

Automated planning with AI

Suggestions for the best possible scheduling of employees and locomotives for your orders. Automated suggestions in the event of breakdowns with maximum inventory planning. Locomotive rotation planning to avoid as many empty runs as possible.

Everything at a glance, even on the move

The mobile extension enables staff to manage duty rosters and matters relating to duty rosters via smartphone or tablet. For example, employees can view duty rosters, submit vacations or report illnesses via their smartphone.

Our application is developed independently of the operating system and runs on iOS and Android devices.

Digital Duty Roster

With the digital duty roster, your employees receive the duty roster directly on their cell phone. All information about the shifts can be called up directly. Employees are notified directly of any changes. Sickness and vacation can be submitted/applied for directly via the app.

Digital Recording of Working Hours

Employees can record their working times directly on their smartphone/tablet. If desired, employees in a team can also record times for their colleagues. Flexible break arrangements and absence feedback are possible.

Trip Report

Work performed can be recorded in the app. Customers or other roles can confirm these directly with a digital signature. In combination with our scheduling solution, all information in the report can be pre-generated from the system to minimize the effort required to fill it out.

Document Management

With our mobile DMS, documents can be read and confirmed on the move. Night mode, search functions, markings and numerous other functions relevant to railroad construction are possible. TFs are supplied with their daily La documents directly via the app.

Locomotive Deployment Plan

View the planning of all your locomotives. The current locations of the locomotives, the current TF or planned maintenance can also be viewed via the app.

Wagon Feedback

Simple recording of wagon sequences and associated brake calculations. Data is transferred directly to DB Netz via interfaces.

Vehicle Logbook

The digital vehicle logbook can be used to record all relevant reports on the use of locomotives and wagons. Damage reports can also be submitted via the app and, if desired, forwarded directly to colleagues in the ECM. Fill levels such as oil, diesel or others are also logged and forwarded to the dispatchers when the fill level is low.

Advantages of the solution

Developed from within the industry

The solution has been developed in direct cooperation with industry companies, particularly DB, since 2017 and is therefore very suitable for the industry. In productive use, we have received excellent feedback.

Proven Solution

The SaxMS RAIL solution is currently used by a number of the largest rail companies. In some cases, the solution already covers entire companies. You too can benefit from the know-how developed in the rail industry.

All functions from a single source

The software solution offered is now very, very comprehensive. Almost all possibilities for digitizing the productive day-to-day business of rail processes are covered in the various modules of SaxMS RAIL. Save yourself the hassle of too many interfaces and benefit from the extensive possibilities with which we can digitize you step by step.

Short computing times

In scheduling in particular, a good solution only becomes apparent after it has been used productively under a heavy data load. Long loading times often drain dispatchers’ nerves and their working time or even cause projects to fail. Even in web browsers and with the heaviest data loads, we make it possible to work comfortably thanks to fast loading times.

Usable in the web browser

While desktop applications are seen as largely outdated, you benefit from our solution in the web browser with minimal administration and management effort.

Technologically outstanding

We are experts in software development, which is particularly evident in our products. We know software, as anyone who works with us can confirm.

We are independent

While various logistics companies offer software products, we are 100% independent. Your data is your gold and in the best hands with us.


Our company and our solution are certified to the highest quality standards. We have ISO 9001 certification, which underlines our commitment to quality in all business processes. In addition, our software has undergone load and security testing by TÜV to ensure its resilience and security.

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