You are…


You are prepared to challenge old ways of thinking and develop new technologies with enthusiasm.


You are optimistic and eager to take on new challenges.


You are willing to gain new professional experience and work in international teams if necessary.

We offer you…

powerful practice partners

We offer you the opportunity to work on exciting projects with major customers for the perfect practical course of study.


We offer BA students fair and appropriate remuneration during their studies.


We supervise a number of students from the BA and other institutions, so some of them will be able to provide you with advice and support.

We offer students at the Berufsakademie Sachsen professional experience in just three years, so that they are subsequently available as academically qualified specialists. As part of the training contract, students at Berufsakademie Sachsen or other institutions receive a fixed monthly salary during their studies. In this way, we want to ensure that students can concentrate fully on their studies.