Hanna’s travel blog

Combining work and travelling? This is also possible at SaxMS! Hanna gives you a little insight into her experiences:

» I have had the dream of travelling to North America, especially Canada, for a long time. When I shared this with SaxMS right at the beginning of my working life, I was met with great interest and was asked if I could work while travelling, which was the perfect solution for me. Before the trip, we made all the necessary arrangements together so that I could work from anywhere in the world and combine working with travelling. My journey finally began a few weeks ago with a volunteer project in Switzerland and took me through France and to Spain, as I didn’t want to use the aeroplane to get to North America, but instead wanted to cross the Atlantic by sailing boat. «

If you’re also interested in the possibility of working remotely and exploring the world on the side, we’re sure you’ll find a few helpful tips here – so you’ll be able to overcome any challenges that may arise!