We want to present ourselves in a new way and give you interesting information about us and our products. We are already preparing a lot of content, so that we can start in March to post articles about our products, the company and other interesting topics. 




Why extend the social media presence?

Social media is getting more important – both professionally and privately. The different social media platforms allow big and small companies to present themselves in new ways and to connect with others. A lot of people use Instagram, Facebook, etc. to get inspired or entertained. Other people use the chanels to give insights into their life, for example at work.

There is still a lot to learn for us in this field and we are excited about what will happen. We are starting something new and facing new challenges, for example to introduce this company and to show, what is going on inside. A blog gives us the opportunity to present our products, to introduce our employees and to have a dialog with potential customers and employees.