The Challenge of Planning and Administration

About 3000 employees and more than 100 technical units make the DB Bahnbau Gruppe one of the biggest subsidiary companies of the Deutsche Bahn. They are respnsible for the nationwide railway infrastructure of Germany. The construction and maintenance of the German railway infrastructure are complex and the administration and planning of the needed workforce is an enormous challenge.

The Project

Until the end of 2022 our product SaxMS.RAIL will be implemented in several phases in all departments of the Bahnbau Gruppe and expanded accordingly to match the complex and functional requirements. After the successful first implementation of SaxMS.RAIL for some overhead lines in 2018, the extensive project “DiSo” started in the beginning of this year.

SaxMS.RAIL is a scheduling software developed for a holistic disposition and administration of employees, fleet, construction projects and technical units.

The project “DiSo” started into its pilot phase in June after an extensive prelimitary and preparatory work done by a team made up of the departments digitalisation and IT from the DB-Bahnbaugruppe and the software developers of SaxMS. If the resonance is positive, the Go-Live is supposed to start in October. It is the first of four phases of the project. Many thanks to the collegues of DB Bahnbaugruppe, specifically to Saskia Högner, Adrian Bernhardt, Carla Freyer and Julius Kosack.