Our company, SaxMS, operates within the software engeneering field and consequently we spend a lot of time in our offices in front of the computer. Nevertheless, we like to do some sports and also to spend time together outside of the office. A nice event to combine these two things was the Rewe Team Challenge, which is a running event for companies that took place on 2 September 2021. We had three teams from our company that participated in the race through Dresden. Each team did a great job:

Team 1: SaxMS Gantt oder gar nicht (mit Oliver, Abolfazl, Nils und Sebastian)

Team 2: SaxMS Gantt und Gantter (mit Michael, Christoph, Gregor und Daniel)

Team 3: SaxMS Gantt schön schnell (mit Jessica, Björn, Johannes und Elisa) 

The Training

Due to the fact that nobody wanted to attend the race unprepared, we met once a week to train together. We met in the park Großer Garten in Dresden. All in all we met four times and did not only train, but also laughed a lot together – even when the weather wasn’t on our side.

The Race

The training period passed quickly and so it was time for the race day. We met at 6pm with lots of anticipation and also a bit nervous to go together to the start point at the Kulturpalast where the race started at 7pm. Then it was time to run through the city, along the Zwinger, the river Elbe and to the stadium. In the beginning we stayed together as a group, but after some time each one of us found his/her individual pace. We finished the race individually, but met each other again at the end of the race.


After the race we got our rankings. Team 2 made it to position 65 with a total time of 1h 41min and Team 1 finished 96th with a time of 1h 46min. Unfortunately Team 3 wasn’t considered in the ranking, because one of our collegues got sick and couldn’t attend the race which resulted in Team 3 being incomplete.
We are particularly proud of the achievements of Sebastian and Nils which have achieved great results for their 5 km. They ran the distance in only 21 min and 40 sec. Additionally, we are very happy that everyone made it through the race and showed a lot of team spirit.


The Rewe Team Challange was a huge success for us and was a lot of fun. In our daily life we work a lot in teams to work on complex projects. The challenge showed us that we are also a great team outside of the office and our team spirit even grew throughout this time. It has shown us that we can achieve everything when we work together as a team. It was a great experience and we already look forward to the next year!