The planning and occupancy of operating rooms is a complex and extensiv task based on medical information and process knowledge. As part of a research project that is carried out in cooperation with the university hospital in Dresden as well as the professorships of technical logistics and software engeneering of the Technical University Dresden (TU Dresden) a platform is supposed be created. The aim of this platform is to provide data-based support for decisions concerning the planing of operations. 

With the help of digitalization and artificial intelligence, the planning of operations can be optimized and the care for patients improved. SaxMS, as a specialist for a new generation of planning and disposition software, will support the project in order to establish a tool that operates automated and adaptive.

What is Prosper?

SaxMS will support the development of an automated and adaptive operation planning tool that can forecast the duration of operations precisely. It will also consider the human and material resources. The aim is to use the planning software of SaxMS for the entire operation planning including medical staff, tools and operation rooms. Additionally, the software should also be able to enable a flexible planning across multiple locations. The process of planning is supposed to be revolutionized in order to work more efficiently with valuable medical resources.

What is the basis for the development of such a tool? 

SaxMS has gathered lots of experience in the fields of cargo, passenger traffic and semicondictor manufacturing. This is due to the company focus on production and logitsics in the field of railway construction and production assembly. Those highly specified competences will now be implemented within the medical field to improve and optimize planning processes in a digital manner.