The third part of our interview series introduces Günter Reichel, a Senior Solution Consultant of SaxMS. He supports the company in strategic decisions concerning the products, presentation and appearance at trade fairs with his communication skills and extensive technical know-how.

name: Günter

jobtitle: Senior Solution Consultant

skills: expert for planning and management software, customer processes management and optimization of sales channels

hobbies: topics like humankind, sports and politics

Günter has a doctorate in physics and after his promotion he started his professional career in the sales department for high-end products that needed more in-depth explanations. Until today, that is what he does in his professional life. His first contact with SaxMS was in Stuttgart at a fair for technologies in 2017. The presented software solution for the planning and disposition of railway processes impressed him that much, that a long-term cooperation evolved as a result.

What are your tasks within the company?

As the sales manager my main task is to connect with our customers – existing customers as well as potential new ones. Part of that task is the acquisition, preparatory examination of potential clients and the follow-up meetings. Additionally, the sighting and editing of tenders as well as the creation of offers is part of my daily professional life. Last but not least, presentations and appearances at fairs are also part of my tasks.

What do you like most in your job at Saxony Media Solutions?

Definately the appearance at trade fairs. The direct contact with customers and the many spontaneous conversations where I can respond to the individual needs of the interlocuteur. Not only this, but also the direct contact and exchange with my collegues during these fairs. I work in Emmendingen near Freiburg and the company’s office is in Dresden.

What I appreciate about SaxMS is the open handling and contact among the employees and the “human” company culture that is truly lived. The collegues are motivated which results in a strong team spirit and “we-feeling” within the company.

What was your favourite experience with SaxMS?

There are many examples within the professional level that I could name, but what I appreciate the most are the trustful private conversations.

What are your hobbies? How do you spend your free time?

There are many topics I deal with in my free time. Amongst them are topics concerning humankind, sports and politics.

Describe SaxMS in three words:

Competent, reliable and human.