Holistic and powerful software perfects your planning challenges

Especially at the planning and control of processes in production and logistics as well as personnel planning, SaxMS supports you at the highest level. In addition to extensive knowledge and experience in different industries, we offer holistic and powerful state-of-the-art software. When creating our planning and control software, the focus is on designing processes with perfect usability in an easy-to-use manner and keeping large volumes of data fail-safe and with short access times for years to come.

Holistic means for us, our software meets all requirements to support your planning tasks perfectly. So your planning processes are mapped with all necessary details, eg. For example, in personnel planning general characteristics such as vacation days, failure concepts and monthly working hours up to detailed details such as qualification concepts, route knowledge or tariff details. Furthermore, we provide you with all functionalities in order to exploit current digitalization achievements. So our planning software can be controlled from the web browser, rosters and other information are sent to mobile devices and planning results automatically checked or even optimally calculated.

Some competitors often focus on a subarea of personnel planning, production or logistics. This is usually due to the fact that outdated software concepts from the time of the company foundation over the past decades have been maintained. Our excellent technology is based on up-to-date software concepts that allow us to cover a wide range of areas with a customized standard product. You benefit from planning software that combines current planning achievements in personnel planning, production and logistics. In logistics, for example, medium-term and long-term planning is particularly well developed (eg circulation, cycle planning), while short-term planning or control has a head start in production (detailed planning). Our software combines the knowledge of the three areas – for our customers, this results in a variety of applications and a number of additional comfort features.