Optimize business processes and manage them digitally – even with tablet and smartphone

Mobile applications can support the efficiency of business processes by integrating smartphones or tablets. Processes that are implemented by post (textual communication) cause effort, costs and waiting times. Examples are shift schedules, vacation requests or salary statements. The communication over the telephone costs time and has a disadvantage, the insufficient logging. Often seen in case of shift changes, shift deception or other messages.

Mobile B2B software solutions are applications or apps that are used by staff to digitize communications and document exchanges. Examples that we have implemented and offer as standard solutions include digital scheduling dispatch, service changes, outage notifications, shift sharing, order management, order fulfillment, logbook, and maintenance messages.

We adapt our solutions to your specific problem and digitally connect your planning system with your employees. Our mobile solutions run on tablets and smartphones and are operating system independent on iPhone, Android, Windows Phone and Blackberry usable.