Human – machine – product data: intelligently linked along the supply chain

Industry 4.0 refers to the intelligent networking of machines and processes in the industry with the help of information and communication technology. There are many ways for companies to use intelligent networking. We support you in the creation of concepts and implementation through holistic software concepts. People, machines and products are directly interlinked: the fourth industrial revolution has begun.

The more processes are digitized and networked, the more interfaces are created between different actors. Capturing, managing and using large amounts of data, IT security and data protection play just as central a role as the combination of software and hardware.

Technical devices provide information about their environment and communicate with each other, orders and devices can be located along the entire value chain, devices move autonomously. All this information can be linked to generate the knowledge to automatically control devices. People, machines and products are directly networked with each other. The fourth industrial revolution is causing major upheavals. We support you in their implementation with our in-depth know-how.