Digital comprehensive management and optimization of business processes.

Our focus is on the development of the most advanced planning and control software. Our customers repeatedly come up against other requirements that are important for a holistic software solution. There is no business process that we can not digitize. Our qualified IT engineers record your processes using standardized methods and then digitize them.

A current implementation is the digitization of a customer platform for business areas with order intake: from the first customer request to the provision of the service including invoicing, the entire correspondence is digitized. Also interesting is our digital time recording system, with which shifts or shift components can be confirmed by the staff. Furthermore, we are currently implementing digital logbooks, maintenance positions and work reports. For many B2B processes, we offer the combination of standard products to holistically digitize your B2B processes.

The digitization of business processes should always focus on holistic digitalization, perfect usability and powerful data management. These are the characteristics that characterize all SaxMS software products, and our software engineers have been extensively trained in their implementation.