The “Digital Twin” for Analysis of future events optimizes your decisions.

The simulation allows to analyze dynamic systems within minutes and to determine the best solution by varying the influencing variables. The simulation provides the answer to the question “What if?”. Simulation and simulation-based optimization can be decided with increased planning reliability.

In production, there are frequent questions as to which orders can be included in production without the loss of production targets such as due dates, cycle times or capacity utilization. The simulation-based optimization of the SaxMS software provides precise information about which orders can be produced in which time frame, while meeting all production targets.

In rail traffic, the simulation can shed light on the quality of selected planning decisions, for example for service areas, round trips, tariff regulations or personnel. In personnel planning, for example, the cover situation in vacation periods can be simulated.

With the aid of the simulation component specially developed for complex issues of SaxMS, the future behavior of your planning situation can be mapped over weeks and months within minutes. This provides the opportunity to quickly survey, analyze, improve, test and optimize the planning.