Comfort for your staff

The software SaxMS workforce planning (SaxMS PEP) is used for the perfect planning and administration of larger personnel stocks. She works with state-of-the-art technology for the implementation of time recording, personnel planning and time management.

The software can be integrated in the SaxMS APS or used as stand-alone personnel planning software. SaxMS PEP uses various data such as collective agreement conditions, employee qualifications, shift schedules, employee deployment times and employee breakdowns to plan the shift coverage requirements. In addition, the roster quality is increased by optional target criteria such as desired weekly schedules.

Workforce scheduling allows rosters to be automatically created and manually reworked. For the automatic creation of plan changes in case of failures, the initial plan is only minimally affected. In case of failures, effects are shown and suggestions for replacement given.

The personnel planning at a glance

Plan an optimal roster for your workforce needs automatically. Respond to failures due to automatic rescheduling, which reduces the roster as economically as possible due to frozen zones and actual / target synchronization. Use SaxMS PEP to evaluate vacation requests with little effort by simulating the employee needs coverage or vacation needs. Furthermore, the module allows you to manually re-design automatically created plans, resulting rule breaks are then automatically displayed by the PEP (for example, qualification breaks, AZG fractions, collectively agreed fractions).

Your benefits from SaxMS PEP

  • Automatic assignment of personnel to shift plans based on qualifications

  • Working with annual cycle plan, optionally with monthly or weekly cycles

  • Consideration of individual collective agreements

  • Consideration of solid working groups in the shift system with desired jobs as well as team of colleagues at multi-person workplaces

  • Employee groups can be assigned to different collective agreements

  • Manual postprocessing of personnel deployment plans

  • Rescheduling of employee failures while receiving minimal changes to the plan

  • Assessment of vacation requests taking into account the requirements cover situation

  • Assessment of the validity of manual intervention

  • Holidays, training and illnesses can be planned and managed clearly

  • Clear presentation of key figures for rapid evaluation of rosters

  • Different evaluation possibilities of the load cover

  • Extensively adjustable planning boards for clear presentation of the detailed roster

  • Link to the demand determination simulation of the SaxMS APS integrated

The extension SaxMS MOBILE

The SaxMS MOBILE mobile extension allows staff to manage rosters and duty roster issues via their smartphone.

SaxMS MOBILE is an optional extension to SaxMS PEP and allows employees to manage the roster using their smartphones. Employees can use the smartphone to view rosters, take holidays or report illnesses. If the company shift system allows it, it is also possible to let the employees specify request levels for automatic scheduling and / or to offer an exchange for shifts among the employees.

SaxMS MOBILE has been developed as a mobile application and can be used independently on smartphones and tablets (eg Apple / iOS and Android).

Your benefit from SaxMS Mobile

  • Mobile roster inspection and notification of roster changes as well as read receipt for the scheduler

  • Mobile submission of vacation applications and illness reports

  • Possible submission of desired employee shifts as well as shift exchange

  • Data also stored offline in the mobile phone

  • Personnel planner can track and manage processes clearly in the dashboard

  • Manage reports such as construction days or trip reports digitally