The solution for your production

The SaxMS APS Advanced Planning and Scheduling System provides a comprehensive system for the integrated control, planning and simulation of complex production systems.

It supports decision-making processes at an early stage of supply planning, allows for the long-term and medium-term forecasting and analysis of resource requirements, realizes automatic detailed planning, which can be transferred directly to production operations, and reacts to current events almost in real time.

Production at a glance

SaxMS APS compares orders with multiple resources, such as machinery, personnel, equipment and materials, while simultaneously and fully considering their available capacities and taking into account sequences and constraints. In addition, SaxMS APS offers comprehensive modules for easy management and organization of production and planning-relevant information. Equipped with an experimental system, SaxMS APS is more than a pure planning system. “What-if” analyzes allow early conclusions and profound decisions through a strong and detailed simulation of reality.

Increasing the predictability of lead times, delivery dates, material requirements, and costs increases profits and reliability.

The reporting system provides comprehensive insights into the planning through statistics, planning boards, lists and graphics that the planner can organize in reports. This highlights exactly the aspects of manufacturing that are of interest to the planning process. SaxMS APS responds to events in real time. It assesses the degree of deviation and can intervene autonomously in the planning process by means of automatic replanning. It supports the planner with concrete proposals and provides insights into the current state of production through special statistics and target / actual comparisons. The planning goals of the target are freely adjustable and combinable.

The SaxMS APS modules at a glance

Resource Management SaxMS APS.RBM

Resources recorded correctly.
The capacity system SaxMS APS.RBM manages personnel, operating resources and other limited capacities in everyday production.

A good plan optimizes the production process according to the goals of the company. However, the best plan is the one that takes into account the circumstances of the production in detail during its creation. With SaxMS APS.RBM, all production-relevant resources can be easily and detailed mapped, planned and visualized. SaxMS APS.RBM is your solution for the planning of machine occupancy, fixtures and tools, area occupation, material and personnel.

SaxMS APS.RBM has the following resources:

Your advantages

  • Comprehensive management and planning of all production-relevant resources.

  • Illustration of complex relationships and dependencies.

  • Intuitive definition and overview of qualifications, compatibilities, set-up relationships and set-up times.

  • Transparent planning of individual individuals or entire groups.

  • Realizable material and warehouse management in the short term and pinpointed requirements planning for efficient material management.

  • Multiple and extensible resources.

Order management SaxMS APS.ORD

Orders at a glance.
SaxMS APS.ORD manages jobs and operations.

The work plan describes the work steps to be performed for the production of a product or for the implementation of a project. The core functionality of SaxMS APS is to plan these steps with the given resources, taking into account the goals of the company. Depending on the nature and nature of the production, the work plans consist of simple steps or complex networks.

The module SaxMS APS.ORD offers manageable possibilities to manage the routings.

The orders of the ERP system are imported as production orders. Depending on the size of the order data in the ERP system, these do not contain any incomplete or complete routings. SaxMS APS.ORD has intelligent edits to handle this data. The ability to pre-define order types in the APS reduces manual processing to a minimum.

SaxMS APS.ORD offers extensive lists and forms that allow to specify the order data with all imaginable details. A graphical editor supports the machining process, in which the work plan is graphically visualized.

Free design of the work plans

SaxMS APS.ORD allows the description of routines that allow any configuration.
  • Step lists: For the simple definition of linear processes.

  • Alternative operations: Flexible mapping of variants in technological sequences.

  • Parallel operations and operation sequences: Bundling of available resources in the project to shorten the total processing time.

In particular, in the process industry and large-scale assembly (aircraft construction, shipbuilding), the work plans are determined by hierarchical project structures (project, milestones, work package, subpackages, buffers, concrete process).

SaxMS APS.ORD offers:

  • Hierarchical work steps: A step on the upper level can be considered on its own (rough planning) or be suppressed by another work plan (detailed planning).

  • Milestones: Marking important project phases for which targeted evaluation can be carried out.

  • Buffer: Placed in the work plan, this is equalized. Higher plan stability is the result.

  • Work packages – elements for rough planning: Break down and summarize extensive activities by estimating values.

Simulation-based production planning and control SaxMS APS.PPS

Make decisions safely.
With SaxMS APS.PPS you optimize production processes.

Through simulation and simulation-based optimization it can be decided with greater planning certainty, which orders can be included in the production, without breaking down production targets such as DueDates, cycle times or utilization – the simulation-based optimization with SaxMS APS.PPS gives you information about which orders in which period can be manufactured without endangering production targets.

The simulation allows to analyze dynamic systems within minutes and to determine the best solution by varying the influencing variables. The simulation provides the answers to the question “What if?”.

The optimization method used to generate efficient and harmonious production processes is based on multi-level and comparable simulation runs. These planning experiments will show you which processes must take place under the participation of which resources, so that the planning specifications in production can be met in the short, medium and long term. Thus, necessary personnel resources, machines, tools or shift schedules for the fixed production program can be optimized automatically. Furthermore, any required consumables and materials can be accurately predicted, allowing optimal inventory planning.

Simulation-based optimization in production planning

For which tasks is SaxMS APS.PPS particularly suitable?

  • Which bottlenecks arise and how can they be relieved?

  • Which Dispatching rules bring in the concrete production system in the concrete utilization the best result?

  • What does the process schedule look like to get the best results?

  • With which set of tools, employees and contract workers are the machines optimally utilized and achieve the best result?

  • What quantity of material is needed on which machine in which week?

With the aid of the simulation component SaxMS APS.PPS, which was specially developed for complex productions, the future behavior of production sites can be mapped over weeks and months within minutes. This provides the opportunity to quickly survey, analyze, improve, test and optimize production.

For example, in production process planning, the gap between planning and control is closed for short-term production implementation by determining the exact production execution for the planned production program and the planned resources. The simulation-based optimization is used for the automatic creation of this almost optimal schedule. As a result, SaxMS detailed scheduling finds a nearly optimal solution that corresponds to the system status and passes this on to the controller. Until an optimal schedule for production has been found, hundreds of iterations will be executed.

System of simulation and simulation-based optimization

SaxMS APS.PPS works with different rules and algorithms to control and plan the manufacturing, which the user can select. In addition, the simulation-based optimization can evaluate various algorithms that represent the best choice for the system to be planned.

A selection of simple check-in rules:


  • FIFO

  • LIFO

  • EDD

  • ODD

  • CR

  • SPT

  • LPT

  • SST

  • LAPT

  • LNS

  • SQ

  • SQNO

Depending on the production load and the higher-level production target, the different control groups produce differently good results. Depending on the production structure, multicriteria production rules are therefore also available, which can adequately take various objectives into account in complex systems.

Combined multi-level check-in rules:

  • MOD (Modified Operation Due Date): Combines the benefits of SPT and ODD, minimizing turnaround times.

  • WB & DDC (Workload Balance & Due Date Control): Combines the benefits of SPT, ODD, and LWNQ, minimizes turnaround times, and smooths workloads.

  • BNF (bottleneck focused): Bottlenecks are consistently occupied, but never overloaded.

SaxMS APS.PPS makes it possible to design the manufacturing system as ConWIP. For this, the order backlog of the production is regulated in such a way that an overload is excluded, since a new order is taken up only if another leaves the system. For the resource selection and queue processing in the ConWIP system, of course, simple and combined check-in rules can still be determined. You can conveniently test which rules are exactly right for your system and its load status by simulating based optimization with SaxMS APS.PPS without expert knowledge.

These advantages are brought to you by SaxMS APS.PPS

  • Full overview of your own production system through insight into future behavior.

  • Testing different solutions through simulation experiments.

  • Optimization of processes and work plans.

  • Simple operation with extensive model insight.

  • Reduction of planning costs by up to 20%.

  • Increase resource utilization.

  • In addition, a combination of conventional optimization values and costs is possible.

Experimental system SaxMS APS.EXP

Know what’s coming.
The experimental system SaxMS APS.EXP is the linchpin of the simulations and optimizations. It manages system states and various planning runs and allows you to compare them in an integrated way.

SaxMS APS is supplied with information from the adjacent MES and ERP systems with all planning-relevant data. It also provides a convenient built-in editor to further refine the data. These form the basis for the planning and control. The planning engineer can experimentally create plans, compare them in advance, and evaluate them until the desired plan is released for production.

In addition, the APS allows data to intervene in all model areas for a complete “what if” analysis.

SaxMS APS.EXP is the appropriate tool for your decision
  • Continuous and secure versioning of the changes

  • Comfortable navigation between versions on the timeline

  • Transparent comparison of different plans and scenarios by direct comparison of plans and evaluations

  • Comfortable target / actual comparison via comparison function

These advantages are brought to you by SaxMS APS.EXP

  • High flexibility through free definition of production scenarios.

  • Full control over all planning-relevant information.

  • Automatic and secure storage of all versions.

  • Targeted access to any intermediate state by timeline.

  • Uniqueness through comments.

  • Automatic archiving of past scenarios.