The aim of the project is to efficiently create revenue-optimized timetables for pools of distributed generation, consumers and storage. The necessary improved flexibility management of the actors in the energy market is achieved through the development and application of integrated optimization approaches, which on the one hand enable efficient plant control and on the other hand ensure profit-maximizing marketing. Furthermore, it proves necessary to map existing and future storage technologies and to integrate them into the approaches. On the basis of a practice-relevant modeling of technical and market-related restrictions current methods and procedures of Operations Research as well as the simulation are used for the solution and further developed.

To optimize local distribution networks and customer facilities (phase 1), detailed depictions of individual plants and, if necessary, synchronization with the planned production are required. This can be a compensation of performance on sale or purchase. In addition to plant-specific restrictions, the complex rules for grid usage must be taken into account.

The optimization of virtual power plants (Phase 2) requires the parallel optimization of local, site-specific schedules of individual plants as well as the globally bundled marketing of all generating units. As additional restrictions arise marketing-specific, market-side requirements, for example. Regarding the deadlines for the provision of balancing power.