About Us

Saxony Media Solutions GmbH is a medium-sized software company that produces B2B software for major customers such as Deutsche Bahn AG, Robert Bosch GmbH or the Airbus Group as well as medium-sized companies. It uses state-of-the-art technologies and develops applications for the desktop and the smartphone. On the nearly 600 m² very modern offices, developed a qualified and motivated team.

We, the Saxony Media Solutions GmbH (SaxMS), are software developers and providers for the digitization of business processes. Our focus is particularly on planning and control software for production, logistics and personnel planning. Our customers repeatedly come up against other requirements that are important for a holistic software solution. There is no business process that we can not digitize. The majority of our current customers come from manufacturing, semiconductor manufacturing, assembly, railway construction and railways.

Especially at the planning and control of processes in production and logistics as well as personnel planning, SaxMS supports you at the highest level. In addition to extensive knowledge and experience in different industries, we offer holistic and powerful state-of-the-art software. When creating our planning and control software, the focus is on designing processes with perfect usability in an easy-to-use manner and keeping large volumes of data fail-safe and with short access times for years to come.

Our highly qualified software developers, IT specialists and consultants are optimally positioned in current computer science topics. Developing mobile B2B applications, working and handling big data, including simulations and AI components – this is our everyday life. With enthusiasm we work together with our customers on current Industry 4.0 concepts and projects.