The solution for your railway processes

SaxMS RAIL is a software solution for rail transport and offers a comprehensive system for the holistic management, planning and control of complex rail processes. It supports decision-making processes across all phases of planning and allows resource planning to be carried out in the long and medium term as well as operationally.

Orders, invoices, plans, rotations, tours, employees, locomotives and routes are depicted holistically. All important data and documents can be conveniently managed.

All Railway processes at a glance

SaxMS RAIL makes it possible to manage all data of a railway traffic operation clearly. The focus is on the digital personnel file with route knowledge, series expertise and occupational medical testing of employees. But also orders, locomotives, routes and aids can be fully managed.

In addition, SaxMS RAIL offers extensive applications for the planning and control of railway processes. For example, tours and round trips can be formed from orders in railway construction and freight transport or timetables in passenger transport, in order subsequently to derive service components for service creation. In particular, the subsequent planning of the locomotives, routes and the staff is supported by the cycle formation on the mission planning.

Absences can be submitted, confirmed and rescheduled. The work time recording of presences can be done via the smartphone or a web platform.

From order management to invoicing, SaxMS RAIL supports the complete process. In particular, a digital order platform is available for railway construction and freight traffic. For controlling, there are statistics, planning boards, lists and graphics that the planner can organize in reports.

SaxMS RAIL digitalises and thus supports the complete administration and planning process for railway companies. For even more convenience, additional modules for managing documents (CMS), incorporating smartphones (mobile) or for automated optimal plan creation (optimization).

SaxMS RAIL modules at a glance

SaxMS Rail.PDM

Data Management Manage digital personnel files, locomotives, routes and tools

SaxMS Rail.PDM

SaxMS Rail.PDM allows you to manage all relevant data for the railway operation clearly and conveniently.

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SaxMS Rail.ABW/Rail.AZE

Attendances / Absences Absences and timekeeping

SaxMS Rail.ABW/Rail.AZE

SaxMS Rail.ABW makes it possible to record any type of absences, eg leave for staff or maintenance for machines. SaxMS Rail.AZE allows digital time recording via smartphone, tablet or web browser.

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SaxMS Rail.PEP/Rail.LEP

Personnel / locomotive planning Production Planning and Control

SaxMS Rail.PEP/Rail.LEP

SaxMS Rail.PEP is the tool for planning your personnel: Make tours, a cycle plan and then carry out the workforce planning. SaxMS Rail.LEP supports you in planning your circuits and locomotives.

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SaxMS Rail.ARC

AOrder management, invoice management, controlling Order management until invoicing

SaxMS Rail.ARC

With SaxMS Rail.ARC you manage your orders until invoicing. The module is particularly relevant for railway construction and rail freight traffic.

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Additional modules

The additional modules of SaxMS RAIL make it possible to make your railway processes even more comfortable.

Resource Management and Data Management SaxMS Rail.PDM

Resources recorded correctly.
The data management system SaxMS Rail.PDM manages personnel, locomotives, routes, orders or timetables in the railway everyday life.

SaxMS RAIL.PDM makes it possible to manage all the data of a railway traffic operation clearly. In particular, the focus is on the digital personnel file with knowledge of the route, series knowledge and medical examination of the staff. But also orders, locomotives, routes and aids can be fully managed.

A good plan optimizes the production process according to the goals of the company. The best plan, however, is the one that takes into account the circumstances of the railway processes in detail during its creation. With SaxMS PDM, all relevant resources and relationships can be easily represented in detail and managed during operation.

Absences / Attendances SaxMS Rail.ABW / Rail.AZE

Absences Rail.ABW

Scheduling holidays or responding to illness can cost both staff and planners time and nerves. With SaxMS RAIL.ABW, you can comfortably manage all failures digitally. Holidays can be submitted digitally by employees. The planner also sees all failures in his planning boards and can respond with an overview.

With machines, maintenance can be conveniently planned. Even operational failures such as diseases and machine defects can be rescheduled quickly and with clarity. With SaxMS RAIL.ABW no failures are overlooked in the planning. In addition to the planning boards, the calendar gives a holistic overview. Employees benefit from orderly and simplified digital processes, such as: For example, in the submission of sick leave, the confirmation of leave requests on top of data inspections.

SaxMS RAIL.ABW takes into account holidays, illness, training, overtime reduction, parental protection, maintenance and machine breakdowns.

Working time recording Rail.AZE

Overtime can be viewed quickly and clearly with SaxMS RAIL.AZE at any time and not just at the end of the month. Recorded overtime can be forwarded to payroll accounting, charged as vacation days, or scheduled from the overtime account. You can also see the hourly status during employee planning in planning boards.

Manual calculation errors are excluded, thus avoiding possible conflicts with the staff. The dispatcher retains control of the duty roster with SaxMS RAIL.AZE, deciding which plan deviations are accepted or questioned. The recorded working hours can be viewed per employee or as a complete overview of all employees.

Planning Rail.PEP – Personnel deployment planning
Rail.LEP – Local area planning

Use SaxMS RAIL.LEP to plan your tours and from there your routes or round trips, in order to allocate locomotives to the rounds. During operation, you can now conveniently plan maintenance and repairs for your locomotives and react operationally to breakdowns.

With SaxMS RAIL.PEP you can build your services from service components that are based on the tours and orbits, and then create a cycle plan for the staff, which takes into account all tariff restrictions. During operation, you carry out the workforce planning with this cycle plan, rolled out to the relevant calendar weeks. Conveniently, training, holidays or periods of protection can be pre-planned and operationally responsive to illnesses.

In the case of acyclic rail processes, such as railway construction, you plan without cycle plans. Incoming orders automatically enter the system via the digital customer platform or an acceptance mailbox and can then be planned holistically via the planning boards.

Create your plans clearly with planning boards (Gantt charts). When creating, you will be shown offenses such as tariff restrictions or violations of qualifications such as route or series knowledge. Vacations, maintenance and other failures are integrated into the planning boards. With the extension SaxMS RAIL.OPT you automatically generate optimal plans.

Order management, invoice management,
Controlling Rail.ARC

From order management to invoicing, SaxMS RAIL.ARC supports the complete process. In particular, a digital order platform is available for railway construction and freight traffic. For controlling, there are statistics, planning boards, lists and graphics that the planner can organize in reports.

The extension SaxMS MOBILE

The SaxMS MOBILE mobile extension allows staff to manage rosters and duty roster issues via their smartphone.

SaxMS MOBILE is an optional extension to SaxMS PEP and allows employees to manage the roster using their smartphones. Employees can use the smartphone to view rosters, take holidays or report illnesses. If the company shift system allows it, it is also possible to let the employees specify request levels for automatic scheduling and / or to offer an exchange for shifts among the employees.

SaxMS MOBILE has been developed as a mobile application and can be used independently on smartphones and tablets (eg Apple / iOS and Android).

Your benefit from SaxMS Mobile

  • Mobile roster inspection and notification of roster changes as well as read receipt for the scheduler

  • Mobile submission of vacation applications and illness reports

  • Possible submission of desired employee shifts as well as shift exchange

  • Data also stored offline in the mobile phone

  • Personnel planner can track and manage processes clearly in the dashboard

  • Manage reports such as construction days or trip reports digitally

Other Extensions

Document management Rail.CMS

With SaxMS RAIL.CMS you integrate a complete content management system in SaxMS RAIL. Maintain and maintain clearly arranged documents for each resource. For example, employees are assigned breakdown, shift or qualification documents as well as the company medical suitability.

Automatic Planner Rail.OPT

Automate your planning tasks and also create plans of optimum quality. The extension SaxMS RAIL.OPT automatically creates up-to-date and optimal plans for circulation, personnel cycle and personnel planning. Define quality plan criteria to be met and create different plans, always with optimal plan quality for you and your employees.

Shift Exchange Rail.STB

SaxMS RAIL.STB allows your employees to share shifts. Layers can be conveniently selected from the roster and offered for exchange. Possible deceptions are displayed to the planner in the dashboard, which then has the opportunity to accept the exchange requests.